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    Edward M. Lerner Audiobooks Collection

    Edward M. Lerner (born 1949) is a US author of science fiction and techno-thrillers.
    As of 2012 he has fifteen published books: seven solo novels, three collections, and five novels co-authored with Larry Niven in the Known Space universe. The majority of Lerner's shorter works were originally published in Analog and (until it ceased publication) in Jim Baen's Universe.
    His 2001 short story "Grandpa?" was made into a short film, The Grandfather Paradox, and shown at the 2006 Balticon Science Fiction convention where it won the Best Film Award. It was also a semifinalist at the 2006 Science Fiction Short Film Festival.
    For over thirty years Edward M. Lerner worked in the aerospace and information technology industries while writing science fiction part time. He held positions at numerous companies such as Bell Labs, Hughes Aircraft, Honeywell, and Northrop Grumman. In February 2004, after receiving a book deal for Moonstruck, he decided to write science fiction full time. (Source: Creative Destruction 2006.)

    About author and audiobooks:



    Edward M. Lerner - Probe (read by Johnny Heller)
    Edward M. Lerner - Moonstruck (read by J. D. Hart)
    Edward M. Lerner - Fools' Experiments (read by George Wilson)
    Edward M. Lerner - Small Miracles (read by Gabriel Sloyer)
    Edward M. Lerner - Energized (read by Grover Gardner)
    Edward M. Lerner - Countdown To Armageddon (read by Tom Weiner)
    Edward M. Lerner - A New Order Of Things (read by UNKNOWN reader)


    Edward M. Lerner - InterstellarNet: Origins (read by J. D. Hart)
    Edward M. Lerner - InterstellarNet: New Order (read by J. D. Hart)


    Edward M. Lerner - Creative Destruction (read by Tom Weiner)
    Edward M. Lerner - A Stranger In Paradise (read by Tom Weiner)

    Known Space books (with Larry Niven)

    Edward M. Lerner - Fleet Of Worlds (read by Tom Weiner)
    Edward M. Lerner - Juggler Of Worlds (read by Tom Weiner)
    Edward M. Lerner - Destroyer Of Worlds (read by Tom Weiner)
    Edward M. Lerner - Betrayer Of Worlds (read by Tom Weiner)


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