HUD RED Premium Windows 7 Theme

The HUD RED theme is finally here and there are many new changes to the theme as well as a new red icon set to match, this theme is not just a simple recoulour, allot of the graphics were tweaked and redone to ensure that everything blended together to make a truly stunning theme, the same goes for the icons, every icon has been recreated and tweaked so that the reds are red and allot of the icons were designed again from scratch.

Every effort was made to make sure every part of this theme is fully usable and has been extensively tested to make sure you are getting the best product possible.

If you are not satisfied or find a problem that needs fixing please let me know and I will do my best to fix your problem.

The theme comes in 2 parts, you can purchase just the theme from the VC Shop, which comes with an easy to use installer that also includes a new logon screen and Theme Resource Changer to change the Start Button, Explorer navigation buttons and Control Panel Navigation panes.

The second part of the theme is posted here for free download and will require 7tsp to install, the second part of the theme includes all the icons, windows media player skin, Task Manager mod and many other changes.


There are 4 styles to chose from, 2 for the bottom details pane position (default) and 2 for the top details pane position, there is an aero and a basic style for both, The basic styles are also fully skinned and worth taking a look at and some people may even prefer it.

HUD RED Basic Theme
HUD RED Topshell Theme
HUD RED Topshell Basic Theme
3 Wallpapers (Thanks to Submicron)
System Clock
Shell32 Control panel images
EZMAX Cursors
HUD Sound Scheme
System Properties Logo
Getting Started top Pane
Games Menu Preview Pane
New WEI index images with square borders
wmploc (Windows Media Player) Skin/Mod
New Fonts Eurostile, Unsteady Oversteer and Vibrocentric
Theme Resource Changer
And much more!!


Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)



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