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    Who's On My Wifi v2.0.9 Final including crack

    Who's On My Wifi

    Who Is On My Wifi will help you detect any intruders on your corporate network. Who Is On My Wifi will show you every computer on your network and notify you if it finds a computer that it does not recognize. Is someone using my wireless? Are employee's plugging in home laptops on the corporate lan? Find out now with Who Is On My Wifi. It is an ideal internal security network monitoring system for your small to medium sized business.

    Technical Level:

    Who’s On My Wifi creates a hardware level digital signature based on criterion such as the MAC address, IP address, Netbios name, etc. to create a Subnet specific White List for your network.

    At this point, with a hardware signature whitelist in hand, the scanning frequency determines when the next scan should occur.

    During the subsequent scans, either your entire subnet or some specified IP Range is scanned and digital signatures of each computer found are created and compared against your system specific White List.

    If there are any computers that show up on the network, but don’t show up in your White List, Who’s On My Wifi flags the computer as an unknown and notifies you through email, message balloon, or verbal notification.

    It also logs everything that has happened in case you aren’t immediately available to check what has happened.

    Log files are stored per day to give you an accurate reading of exactly which computers were there on your network during the course of each scan and of course any unknown computers that appeared.

    Download Whos.On.My.WiFi.v2.0.9.Incl.Keygen




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