Steinberg Cubase Elements 7.0.6 Build 2231 (x32/x64) | 3.26 GB

Cubase Elements 7 is an excellent choice for novice producers and musicians looking for a complete software package that offers a lot of features out of the box .

New features include mixing MixConsole, scalable , high-quality sound ( 96 kHz ), and routing flexibility . The mixer is now opened to the full height , as in the full Cubase. New Channel Strip 4- band EQ with spectrum analyzer , compressor, and other modules. The settings window channel (Channel Settings) processed to provide easy access to all parameters of the channel , including the measurement and destination routing . Remote Control Editor allows you to assign a plug-in parameters to external controllers .
Chord Track, a dedicated track in the Project window , defines the structure of music and transmits information about the chords in the MIDI- and instrument tracks. The new sound engine Steinberg ASIO-Guard should improve stability and prevent loss of data. For troubleshooting and diagnosing a safe mode start-up, which temporarily disables user settings . Individual tracks and channels can now be found quickly in large projects through search engines based on keywords . MemZap function retains the position and zoom factor in the project at any time .
Feature Easy Audio Driver Setup Cubase helps users to connect to your audio equipment . Steinberg Hub includes an expanded Project Assistant plus additional information services such as news and regularly updated list of video tutorials .

Extras. information:
From the distribution does not cut, is heard in its original form.
Cracks and programs that change the original code Cubase Elements 7 in the hand - no.
MacOS version in the hand is missing (see the relevant section).
First run StartCenter.exe, install 7.0.4, then run the update to 7.0.6
Works in the same system as the other versions of Cubase, including grunt Cubase 3, 4, 5, and with Nuendo.
Works with all the grunt plug-ins, if there is any additional specific incompatibility.


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