01. Solar Spectrum - FX Gallore
02. Solar Spectrum, Egorythmia - Hallucinations
03. Solar Spectrum - Moving onward
04. Solar Spectrum, S-Range - 2nd Chance
05. Solar Spectrum - Groove Patrol
06. Solar Spectrum - Hypnotec
07. Solar Spectrum - Galactic Way
08. Solar Spectrum - Stars
09. Solar Spectrum - Synthesia
10. Solar Spectrum - Ritual of Creation

Artist: Solar Spectrum
Title: Droplets From The Matrix
Released: Nov 2013
Label: Ovnimoon Records
Source: WEB
Genre: Electronic
Style: Progressive Trance
Size: 170.2MB
MPEG 1.0 layer 1
48000Hz Joint Stereo

Release Notes

Ovnimoon Records is overwhelmingly stoked to present this next level of achievement and musical quality from one of the most respected and well known producers Solar Spectrum.Co-founder of the legendary psy/goa act Rastaliens and solo member of the extremely well established Braincell project, Ralph Freund continues to push the boundaries and discover new ways to enhance our lush and emotionally gripping new melodic mind mender that is sure to be the year's biggest sensation. These tracks have been tested by Ralph at the most well-known and well attended festivals all summer. With a few fine tunings and extra enhancements picked up while touring Solar Spectrum and Braincell across the globe this album is now perfectly seasoned to provide a complete and harmonic progressive goa trance experience from beginning until the magical psychedelic dub, downtempo closer Ritual Of Creation.The legendary and highly accomplished S-Range adds his extra synergies on track 4 and globe stomping dj/producer Egorythmia contributes his extra twist and well known flare on track 2. All in all this is truly the pinnacle of results and Ralph really takes all the way and then some. Dive in to Droplets From the Matrix you will never be the same again.

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